Leap Year

I know February only had 28 days this year, but 2014 is definitely a leap year in my world. First, it felt like we finally settled into our home. You know, the one we bought in 2012. After we bought the house, we got engaged, renovated it from top to bottom, and spent the summer planning our wedding. It was a whirlwind, but now we’ve finally got the chance to simply enjoy.

Then, I decided to leave my job. That was probably the single most frightening thing I’ve ever done. I left the security, the benefits, and the once-in-a-lifetime client list. I knew we had to take a leap if we were ever going to start our own business, so after much deliberation and a lot of nerves, we did.

Now we’re faced with a new option. Moving away. I’ve seen friends from high school and college move, learning about a new city, state, or even country. While I’ve always been secretly envious of their adventures, I was too afraid to embark on my own. It’d be much easier to pack up and go if my wonderful family wasn’t so close, both physically, with nearly everyone in New England, and emotionally, with us being so close-knit. My husband would drop the occasional hint that he’d like to explore a new area, but recently, followed by some changes at work, his occasional hint has become more of a nudge. So, here we are, in a home we love but in a zip code we might have outgrown, for now at least. The question is: Where should we go?