How Much Do We Hate Bush?

Question: How much do we hate Bush, exactly?

Answer: Just as much as we hate Obama.


I was incredibly surprised to read that, right now, Americans have a 51% unfavorable opinion of President Obama. And Former President George W. Bush. While Obama has a favorability of 47%, Bush sits at 46%, leaving the two presidents nearly equal.

Am I the only one who was shocked to see these numbers? Six years into Bush’s term, all we heard about were his falling approval ratings and favorability numbers (or lack thereof)…complete with “Bush’s Last Day” countdowns and “Impeach Bush” bumper stickers everywhere …but I had no idea Obama’s numbers were even comparable.

What does this mean for the US?

#1: Either we keep electing the wrong presidents, or we’re just impossible to please.

Obama started with a 78% approval rating, and he’s fallen to just 46%, according to this CNN poll. Gallup has his approval even lower, with 41% approval/53% disapproval on today’s poll.

If even the president of “Hope and Change” has fallen short of more than half of America’s expectations, falling as far as America’s least favorite president in favorability, what does that mean for the next president, and the one after that? It seems like we can’t elect a president we like after the first few years.

I just can’t picture sandy-haired, slow-talking Bush and Chicago’s slick Obama with the same approval rating.

#2: If Obama is really that bad, why haven’t I heard about it yet?

I honestly hate when Republicans drone on about the “liberal media,” but it makes me kind of nervous how often I heard about how horrible Bush was during his presidency, and in the 6 years since, and how little I hear the same about Obama when they have the same unfavorable levels.

I still see Obama as the “celebrity politician”—always cool and somehow in a league of his own among the rest of the government’s grumpy, white-haired old men. He was the first president to be a guest on a late-night talk show, he plays basketball with the pros, and I always imagine him hammering out foreign policy over a couple of craft beers.

So why is he still the cool guy in the room when his approval ratings are in line with Bush’s? Am I missing something?

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