My Husband and I Are Changing Our Last Name….to Bauer

Seriously. Someone has to thank 24’s Jack Bauer for saving our country and people across the world every few years. How many international disasters does he have to prevent before the government thanks him instead of punishing him?

Fill in the blanks: In Season ___, Jack ends up ___.

1: A Hero

2: A Hero

3: Fired

4: In hiding/exiled

5: Kidnapped

6: Exiled

7: A Hero

8: A Fugitive

I sort of understand why they get upset when he “goes dark.” He leaves CTU’s leadership (and sometimes even the President) behind to do what needs to be done. That sometimes means a few extra casualties, it generally means a breach of protocol…and it always means that Jack ends up preventing a global disaster (and usually hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths).

He has intercepted nuclear bombs, saved presidents, solved kidnappings, stopped chemical and biological weapons, and uncovered government corruption and cover-ups at the highest levels. But, in five out of eight complete seasons, the last hour concluded with Jack being fired, kidnapped, exiled or in hiding. “Hey Jack, thanks for saving the world! But we have to arrest you because you broke protocol while preventing that nuclear attack.”

If it were up to me, I’d have him knighted or something, rewarded for his efforts so that he is actually willing to help in the next emergency. The government of 24 CLEARLY can’t handle itself in any emergency—and Jack is the only one who seems to be able to stop the chaos. Why the government keeps punishing him for saving the world is beyond me. They should be kissing his feet and giving him a raise—not cuffing his wrists and getting his striped jumpsuit ready.

Anyway, the new season of 24 has stood up to the show’s action-packed, rollercoaster ride past, with Jack and Chloe bringing the badass once again.

As we approach the mid-season mark, I can’t help but dread the finale—either Jack and Audrey will ride off into the sunset, which will feel totally insincere, or Jack will once again start over in a new country with a new identity, on the run and unprotected by the US, staying true to the show but disappointing the rest of us once again.

Hopefully they surprise us with some sort of happy medium—or a 10th season. That would work.

Even more hopefully, the season will end with Jack taking on the next global crisis, saying:

“You’re going to have to trust me. I give you my word.”