Backpacking Before Babies

Before we have kids, my husband and I have two main goals: buy our “family home” in one of our favorite Massachusetts towns and see as much of the world as we can. We’ve started putting together of our own list of “must-see” places that we might not have the chance to visit with little ones. Right now, we have two trips planned: one short trip to Florida and one to the Caribbean, but hope to make it across the Atlantic next fall.


Here’s our list so far, including our top 10 destinations:

– Turkey: Where the East and the West come together to create an incredible and unique culture

– Florence/Rome: Our inner “foodies,” wannabe-sommeliers and history buffs can’t resist

– Sicily: We want to visit Mt. Etna and hopefully some of my Sicilian relatives

– Spain: I’m dying to dust off my old textbooks and finally put my college Spanish to use

– Argentina/Chile: Dulce de leche everywhere

– Morocco: Marrakech, specifically

– Tanzania: A safari in the Serengeti is on our MUST-see list

– Cuba: My previous employer couldn’t say enough about this small country. I believe he called it his “favorite” place he’s visited, and he’s been everywhere.

– Bali: One of the world’s most beautiful, exotic destinations

– Belize: Hiking in the rainforest