Everyone’s Busy

Here are just a few variations of “I’m so busy” that I’ve heard lately:

“I’m so busy. Between work and school, I just have so much on my plate right now.”
“With the holidays coming up, things are getting so crazy with the kids.”
“My new work schedule has been an absolute nightmare—I’m exhausted!”
“I’m running on empty. I’m slammed at work.”
“The kids are driving me nuts!”
“I feel like I can’t catch my breath at work, and I haven’t gotten anything done at home.”

Guess what, everyone? We are ALL busy….or at least we all THINK we are.glorificationofbusy

Every single person in the entire world thinks their schedule is insane, crazy, difficult, unmanageable, harder than the neighbors’. Is it, really? I guess it’s probably all relative. I know some people who spend weeks at a time in foreign countries for work, barely able to catch their breath on a brief visit home. I know others who are literally saving lives, with insane on-call schedules and a list of patients a mile long.

For some, these moments of exasperation come when they’re asking other “less busy” people for help. For others, it becomes a sort of competition between martyrs: “I’m so busy, my laundry has been piling up for weeks!” is met with “Well, I’m so busy, I haven’t made a real dinner since last month!” For many, it’s about making excuses about why something isn’t done yet, and we’re all guilty of it.

YMC - Busy

Anyway, no matter who you are, you’ve definitely made one or many of the above excuses in some iteration. I make them often and, according to my Facebook news feed, so does everyone else.

NOTE: You are exempt from being called a “busy martyr” if you save lives. Anyone who is responsible for saving lives does not need an excuse to call themselves “busy.”

As the holiday season approaches, I know that the words “so busy” will be flying out of everyone’s mouths in multiple directions on any and every occasion. It will politely decline a party invitation, it will explain why Christmas cards were sent so late, and it will explain why you are overwhelmed.

The point isn’t to discredit anyone’s busy schedule—it’s to serve as a friendly reminder that everyone feels unbearably busy this time of year—and during the other 9 months, too. This winter, you can either be the kind of person who thinks his schedule is far more hectic and stressful than anyone else’s, or you can be the kind of person who is thankful to be busy with a life full of excitement, especially over the holidays.