On such a winter’s day

Two weeks ago, my husband and I decided to take advantage of the time between leaving his old job and starting his new one. We’re not usually quite so spontaneous, but we found sitters for our pup and, without any hesitation, we headed west.

Our journey began in San Francisco and meandered down California’s coastline, stopping in Monterey and Carmel, Santa Barbara, and, finally, Los Angeles. As we started our trip, I found myself hoping to fall in love with California’s weather, lifestyle, and landscape.


My husband and I have had infinite discussions about where we want to live, and we’ve never gotten the instant sense that we “belonged” somewhere, at least with full certainty, and we always envision California as “the other side” where the grass is most certainly greener.


As we drove each mile of the famed Highway 1, it became instantly obvious why so many people move to California. From the gorgeous redwoods along the highway to the seal-lined beaches and endless backdrop of mountains, beauty is literally everywhere.


Between our visit to Carmel’s endless art galleries, the highway’s breathtaking vistas around every curve, and walking through the creative process of television and movies at Warner Bros. Studios, we were falling in love with California. Our trip made me want to write, and it made us want to continue to see as much of the world as we can.

While the scenery wasn’t quite enough to motivate us to rent a U-Haul and move west, California’s perfectly curated culture made us want to carefully curate our own lifestyleand continue to take more deliberate steps to build a life we truly love.

Sidenote: Thank you to our wonderful friends Rachael and Eric for opening their beautiful Brentwood home to us as we explored their city!