“You’re too emotional!” And other things women are told…

You know how, as a woman, there are a few buzzwords/phrases that literally make any situation in the entire world worse? They mostly relate to how our feelings are generally perceived as a) too bitchy or b) too emotional/irrational or c) related to PMS… and they’re 100% condescending and disrespectful. Thankfully, my husband is too awesome to use any of these awful phrases, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world is!crazy women

Here is my list of words/phrases you should do your VERY best to avoid under ANY and all circumstances, along with potential responses if you’re the victim of this verbal ridiculousness:

You’re being too sensitive. Omigod! You’re right. The crying that I’m doing is a total overreaction, and I should get my feelings in check.

Calm down/Relax. Oh, you want me to calm down? Oh, I totally get it. I’ve been acting like a crazy lady and need to relax. My emotions are too much, and I’m causing a scene. SURE LET ME CALM DOWN. AM I CALM ENOUGH FOR YOU NOW????

Is it that time of the month? Yes, whenever I get upset about anything, it can definitely be related to my “woman hormones.” I apologize for my future period.

You sound crazy/irrational. No, that wasn’t me being crazy. But THIS IS!

Well, we know who wears the pants in your relationship. Well, actually, we both wear pants. They’re kind of a 2015 wardrobe staple. OH! You meant that I’m masculine/controlling/bitchy! Oops!

Man up/Grow a pair. Ummmmm. Whoever said this has obviously never seen a man with a head cold/sore throat/any flulike symptoms.

I think the worst part is that it’s not just men who say these things to women. Sometimes, even women do! We’re not crazy, we’re not irrational, we don’t need to calm down, and it’s totally okay that we wear pants. And it doesn’t have anything to do with PMS.