About Alexa

I am a blogger, freelance writer, wife, and dog mom. I started this blog to share everyday thoughts about entrepreneurship and building a life that I love. My goal is to never ever have to set foot into a 9-5 job that I don’t love again so I can fully enjoy our crazy life. Newly Wed, Not Dead is for 20-something wives who aren’t quite ready to don an apron and pearls, for college students who are thinking of life after school, for people who are thinking about a freelance lifestyle but aren’t sure if it’s for them…everyone, really.
That’s the boring stuff. In reality, I’m neurotic, sometimes overindulgent, always occupied, independent, a little bit creative, and mostly opinionated. I’m hoping to write about a little bit more than my everyday thoughts here–ideally, I’d love to share my experiences and say what other people won’t. You can usually find me writing, baking, playing outside with my dog, convincing my husband that we need to go out for an ice cream, or binge-watching something on Netflix.