One Step to a Happy Marriage

As newlyweds, we’ve been inundated with advice from friends, relatives, and even complete strangers about how to have our own version of marital bliss, but their words of wisdom about communication and picking… Continue reading


Last Friday, I was asked to visit my sister’s 3rd grade classroom as their Mystery Reader. I labored over my book choices, spending almost an hour in the children’s section of Barnes &… Continue reading

Marriage Monopoly

After we’ve spent a long week staring at computer screens, working, sitting on our smart phones and completing tasks from a never-ending checklist, my husband and I are usually ready to retreat from… Continue reading

We Moved Our Cheese

Three months ago, I was bringing home what you could call a “competitive” salary. I had paid time off, an amazing and free healthcare plan, I worked remotely, and I even had a… Continue reading

Leap Year

I know February only had 28 days this year, but 2014 is definitely a leap year in my world. First, it felt like we finally settled into our home. You know, the one… Continue reading

Italian Guilt is the Best Kind

When I was younger, I used to whine and complain about my daily or weekly guilt trips, coming from my mom, one of my grandmas, or even from the clergy. As an Italian… Continue reading

Why I’m “Newly Wed, Not Dead”

Since our wedding day, all I’ve heard is “How’s married life?” and “Getting ready for a little one?” I have found myself getting defensive and aggressive in my answers. It’s not that I… Continue reading

Life is not a Countdown

For as long as I can remember, I have been counting down. Counting down until my high school graduation, so I could finally head to college and be happier. Counting down until my… Continue reading